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Closing date 12:00pm 08/08/2011:
Production dates: Overall 10th September - 16th October 2011 Including travel Wardrobe call 30th / 31st August / 1st September 2011

Casting details: Tuesday 9th August 2011

MAN / GROOM (Male, 30 - 40)
Shoots Dubai & India (10th - 25th September 2011)
30 - 40 year old male. European.
Not at the top of his profession but heading there. He works for a specialist fabrics company that sources material around the world, perhaps a family business. He loves his job. There is still a naivety about him. There's a youthful hunger for the world that we see satisfied at the end of the film.
He needs to have a distinctive look so that we defiantly recognise him at the end of the film. Perhaps blond or with freckles etc. Unique without being 'freakish'. He's an attractive guy who has a thirst for adventure. Someone who is open minded and would immerse himself in other cultures.
Height: Any
Ethnicity: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White

CLOTHES DESIGNER (Female, 35 - 45)
Shoots Dubai and Rio (so 10th - 18th September and 6th - 15th October)
35 – 45 Yrs . Female. Emirati (ie Middle Eastern)
She has risen to a position of international acclaim through hard work and talent. She's a strong character: determined, highly intelligent, charming and has a great sense of humor. She has managed to balance creating a successful clothes label and having a family. She's achieved all of this in a culture that traditionally doesn't encourage women to have careers. She's an impressive woman.
Height: Any
Ethnicity: Middle Eastern

Shoots Rio and Shanghai (So 23rd - 31st September)
35 – 45 yrs, Male. South American or European,.
Well traveled. He has something about him that tells us he's lived beyond his years. He's comfortable in foreign environments, and thrives off them. Lives a transient life, always on the move. You feel he could cope with any situation thrown at him. He'd feel equally comfortable talking to a street kid or a member of high society. He's a chameleon of sorts, switching between photojournalist mode, able to disappear in a scene to capture it honestly as possible and an artist, the centre of attention, dressed accordingly to show off his latest work.
Height: Any
Ethnicity: Eastern European, Hispanic, Latin American, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White

Up to 60 years. Male.
Australian (But doesn't speak so no need for an accent, more a looks thing)
Slightly unkempt, stubble, athletic and healthy tan from being outside. Soulful. A true depth that comes from living life to the full.
I imagine he's one of those guys you meet who is totally self sufficient, a jack of all trades whose skills have kept him on the road for the past couple of years. A bar back in one town, mechanic in another. An instant likeability that means he's never short of company. Always on the move.
Height: Any
Ethnicity: Eastern European, Mediterranean, Scandinavian, White