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Jagger and Woody

Simon Jagger and Chris Woody have known each other since they were children growing up in Oldham. It was at high school when their partnership began and they started developing their own special brand of buffoonery which gained them quite a reputation in the local area.

Years later, they were both trying out their on-air talents at the hospital station Radio Cavell. Since then, they have never looked back. The duo earned more air time at Sunset Radio 102 and Cheshire Choice FM where they began to really make their name in radio and in 2001 they were offered the enviable opportunity to host the daily Breakfast Show on Northants 96/Heart FM. This they did for nine 9 years attracting around 165,000 listeners each week.

Following their success at Northants, they received an offer from the UK's biggest commercial station Real Radio, run by the Guardian Media Group. This was too good to refuse and early in 2010 the pair moved over Real Radio Wales, based in Cardiff, where they hosted The Real Breakfast Show with Jagger and Woody pulling in an audience of nearly four hundred thousand. They are now attracting an audience of over 500,000 on what is now ‘Heart’ and have formed a wonderful relationship with their listeners.

Jagger and Woody have great interactional personalities and are much in demand to host events all over Wales. Their special brand of humour is appreciated by organisers and audience alike. They also make first class, entertaining speakers.


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