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Maria Leijerstam

On 27th December 2013, Maria Leijerstam became the first person in the world to cycle to the South Pole from the edge of the Antarctic continent.  Maria set the new World Record for the fastest human powered coast to pole traverse, completing her journey in 10 days, 14 hours and 56 minutes. 

Maria spent four years planning, creating, training and preparing for this double world record.  She built a winning team, drove the project from the concept to dellivery, pushed through extreme mental and physical barriers and achieved the unthinkable.

In 2012 Maria was the first woman to complete the "Siberian Black Ice Race" (a 650km cycle across Lake Baikal), coming second overall annd in 2007, she was the first Welsh woman to complete the MarathonDes Sables(running six marathons in seven daysacross the Sarhara Desert).  Maria has also raced on the "World Series Adventure Racing Circuit", representing Great Britain over the last seven years.

Next year Maria will travel to the North Pole wherre she will take on "The World's Coolest Marathon" at the floating airbase 111km from the True North Pole before cycling to the Pole.  This will seal another World First and the competition of the most extreme Duathlon in the world. 

Maria's Other Achievements

  • 5th Team: Alpine Ski Challenge 2016. 190km two day race in the French Alps.
  • 1st Female: Wiggle Dragon Ride 2014. Road cycle race in South Wales.
  • 4th Female Pair: Devises to Westminster International Canoe Race 2014. 125 mile race in K2 racing kayaks along the Avon and Kennet canal and the length of the River Thames.
  • GUINNESS WORLD RECORD 2014 : First person to cycle to the South Pole 2013.  Cycled solo over 600km from the Antarctic Coast to the South Pole.
  • RECORD HOLDER 2014: Fastest human powered traverse from the Antarctic coast to the South Pole.  Over 600km on a cycle.
  • 2nd Female: Bristol Off Road Duathlon 2013. Sprint distance run, bike, run.
  • 4th Team: Patagonian Expedition Race 2013. Adventure race covering 900km in 10 days non stop by foot, bike and kayak.
  • 9hrs 29 minutes: Cardiff Aspire Double Marathon. 2012.  Foot race from Brecon to Cardiff.
  • 2nd Female: Rhoose Ski Race 2012. Sprint distance race in Bristol Channel.
  • 1st Female: Questars 2 day Masters 2012. 6 hour run, bike, kayak race
  • 1st Female: Siberian Black Ice Race 2012. Cycling 900km along the length of Lake Baikal on the Central Siberian Plateau.
  • 1st Female: Cumbrian Cracker 60 Mile Sportive 2011. Cycle sportive in the Lake District.
  • 1st Female: Scotland Coast to Coast 2011. Non stop run, bike, kayak adventure race across the width of Scotland.
  • 1st Team: Adidas Terrex Coast to Coast Adventure Race 2011. Following the Wainwright's route across the UK by foot, bike, kayak.  Racing against the current adventure racing world champions.
  • 1st Female: Mumbles Duathlon 2011. Sprint distance run, bike, run.
  • 1st Female: Gower Duathlon 2011. Sprint distance, run, bike, run.
  • Adidas Terrex Expedition Adventure Race 2010. 600km non stop, 5 day adventure race in the Lake District on foot, bike and kayak.
  • New Zealand Cycle Expedition 2010. Cycled 2500km along the length of New Zealand.
  • 12th Female: Ironman UK 2010. Triathlon, 3.8km swim, 180km bike, 26 mile run.
  • 10th Female: Karapoti National Mountain Bike Championships, New Zealand 2010. 50km off road mountain bike race.
  • 21st Female: Speight's Coast to Coast, New Zealand 2010. 2 day run, bike, kayak adventure race.
  • Portugal Aventure Racing World Championships 2009: 600km non stop, 7 day adventure race in Portugal on foot, bike and kayak.
  • 2nd Female: UK Coast to Coast 2009: Following the Wainwright's route across the UK by foot, bike and kayak.  A 4 day stage race.
  • Winner of Selection: Landrover G4 Challange 2009. Chosen to represent the UK.
  • 3rd Team: 3 Peaks Yacht Race 2009. Sailing the length of the UK non stop over 4 days and running up the highest mountain in Wales, England and Scotland enroute.
  • 1st Female Pair: Open 5+ Lake District 2009. One day adventure racing on foot, bike and kayak.
  • Summit of Mt Blanc 2009
  • Turas World Series Aventure Race 2008. 650km non stop, 7 day adventure race in Ireand on foot, bike and kayak.
  • 1st Team: Ace Race Grizedale 2008.
  • 1st Welsh Woman to Complete: Marathan Des Sables 2007. 6 marathons in 7 days across the Sahara Desert.
  • 6th Female: Thames Path Ultra 2006. Running 50 miles long the Thames Path.

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