Carwyn Jones - Bilingual

Carwyn Jones – Former First Minister of Wales

Carwyn Jones is an experienced speaker and host who has spoken to audiences around the world.

A former First Minister of Wales, Carwyn spent eighteen years in government in different roles before standing down in December 2018. His job took him to a number of places, from Patagonia to Perth and he was fortunate to meet world leaders such as Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton and Angela Merkel.

A graduate of Aberystwyth University, he was a barrister for ten years, specialising mainly in criminal law.

Carwyn is comfortable before the camera, having been the subject of two documentaries in 2001 and 2018 and is now looking to do more work in the field of broadcasting. He also teaches public speaking when time allows.

A qualified rugby referee (in younger, fitter days!) he has a keen interest in sport, although from a watching rather than playing perspective these days. His autobiography will be published early next year.

Carwyn is much in demand as a speaker and host. He delivers extremely interesting and knowledgeable speeches on a number of different topics and never fails to deliver whatever the brief.

Carwyn is married with two teenage children and when he can, he likes to walk, cycle and read, although not at the same time. A fluent Welsh speaker, with roots in the Amman Valley, Carwyn is able to address audiences in both Welsh and English. Being married to someone who speaks more languages has driven him to try to become fluent in French, Italian and Irish but he is a long way from having the nerve to stand up and use them