Saturday, 16 April 2016 19:22

Wynne Evans 'Gio Compario' Advert Series

The lastest range of Gio Compaio adverts starring the Welsh Tenor Wynne Evans have proven to be a huge YouTube success for Go Compare, the price comparison website.


With the original 'Gio Returns advert' now having over 1 million YouTube views the last seven adverts have collectively had over 750 thousand views in the last two months. 


 Gio Returns:




Wynne Evans - Go Compare - TV advert - Horses



Wynne Evans - Go Compare - TV advert - Pool



Wynne Evans - Go Compare - TV advert - Cello



Wynne Evans - Go Compare - TV advert - Taxi Plastic



Wynne Evans - Go Compare - TV advert - Taxi Loans



Wynne Evans - Go Compare - TV advert - Taxi Mortgages



Wynne Evans - Go Compare - TV advert - Cabbie



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