Dr Paul T Thomas

Leadership Fellow at Sheffield Hallam and Sheffield University Business School,

  • Founder DNA Global Solutions (Critical Think Tank)
  • Director Institute of Social Innovation, Creativity and Change (ISICC)
  • Research Fellow, Plymouth University
  • Company Director for over 20 years
  • BBC Wales Business Doctor


Dr Paul Thomas is one of those rare speakers and academics who are placed not only at the cutting edge knowledge and company development but has spent many years managing companies in both private and public services. Paul has also spent many months/years overseas consulting in India, China, Malaysia, Pakistan and parts of Europe, gaining significant experience in development and implementation of leadership within varying cultural environments.

Paul is the leader and founder of the research and collaboration organisations, DNA Global Solutions and the Institute of Social Innovation, Creativity and Change (ISICC). DNA for example involves Critical Academics from Universities around the world and Business Executives seeking alternative ways for sustainable business. The Project titled 'DNA' is a combination of research, seminars, conferences and education programme to senior managers aimed at analytical thinking, challenging the way things are done. From a perspective of Complexity, Paul's view on management, strategy and organisational theory is highly critical and unconventional.  Paul's work is made even more contemporary by being situated in the discourse of 'post-structuralism and pro-feminist research.

Paul is also currently the subject of a BBC Radio Wales@Work Special called ‘The Business Doctor’ documentary series on changing the mindset of business and placing organisational sustainability through the empowerment of frontline staff.

Paul has recently completed a global action research project on leadership and Complexity thinking visiting 19 counties in the past 14 months. Paul's focus of Research and talks are;

  • Complexity Theory
  • Leadership
  • Creativity
  • Innovation
  • Sustainability
  • Change
  • Employee engagement


All mixed within this are Paul's personal research interest of Democracy, Power and Gender. The focus of his present teaching and research is to develop theoretical knowledge into 'real' skills for the dynamic world of business and management. Paul was also a visiting Professor for the Drucker Management Institute, Switzerland.

Dr Paul Thomas is currently a Fellow at Sheffield Hallam Business School.  Paul is unconventional, inspirational and real, in terms of what he talks about, he's done!

Paul's talks are, engaging, challenging and humorous, yet with a serious message of change for the whole organisation in the 21st century. No one who meets the 'Business Doc' forgets his message – "it's always about people, fun and adaptability!"

This is just a sample of what people say....

"He's mad! But everything he says comes from practical knowledge and expertise in running businesses not just his research, and it just makes sense. You simply cannot afford to ignore this man's message" Mick D. Rogers, Airbus

"Paul's work with businesses is extraordinary and challenges the status quo. That's why we wanted to capture the process in a series of thought-provoking documentaries" Gemma Collins, Producer, BBC

"Pauls work is real-life change in companies which does not come from books. His theories are practice and as a result he is a first class speaker and lecturer, captivating audiences with his inspirational messages and charismatic delivery" Alison Niederkorn, CALNet, Kellogg Business School, USA


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