Geraint Pickard

Geraint is a newsreader and announcer for both BBC Radio Wales and BBC Radio Cymru. He was brought up in Tonteg near Pontypridd and now lives in Cardiff.

Having studied drama at Aberystwyth and Oxford, Geraint joined BBC Wales as an announcer and newsreader for Radio Cymru immediately after graduating in 1996. He joined the BBC Radio Wales team of announcers in 1998 and still works for both networks.

Among Geraint's interests are theatre and film, and on a less cultured note so are trashy, cult tv shows. Geraint is in demand for voice-over and has acting experience.

Before his broadcasting and heavy involvement with his successful Band, Geraint had a great deal of acting experience, working on National tours with Wales Theatre Company. He has appeared in Theatres all over Wales.

Geraint has also appeared in several television roles.

Geraint's other main passion is music. He sings, writes, and produces for the Welsh language pop/dance band Clinigol.