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Broadcaster and journalist Jamie Owen is the Europe anchor of the international English language TV News channel CGTN based in London, The station broadcasts to a global audience.

Previously Jamie Owen was based in Istanbul where he anchored the TV news for TRT World.

He was one of the longest serving broadcasters of BBC Wales Today where Jamie fronted the corporation's high profile Election Campaigns, Referendums, Royal visits and breaking news stories for twenty years. Jamie anchored coverage of the NATO Summit, The Olympic Torch Ceremony and The Ryder Cup.

As a documentary maker, Jamie's recent work includes FAT v CARBS, and DO I DRINK TOO MUCH? seen on BBC World and the BBC News Channel, and also LANDROVER - the Great Welsh Idea - and THE ROLLS ROYCE GARAGE OF SNOWDONIA.

Jamie Owen is back in Berlin advising the German television news company DW. (He worked with them on their relaunch a year ago).

In the UK  - Jamie's television documentary 'Fat v Carbs' for the BBC has been a hit as far afield as the US. The programme investigated 40 years 

of the wrong dietary advice  - and saw Jamie lose a stone and keep it off by stopping his carbs intake. 

Jamie is now making another documentary on Britain's unhealthy relationship with alcohol. The programme, for the BBC, will see Jamie use a brain scanner before and after taking alcohol -  to watch its effect on the brain.