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Lowri Morgan is a BAFTA and multi award winning television presenter, a World Class Ultra endurance marathon runner, having raced in some of the World's most toughest and extreme races and is a global Adventurer.

Lowri Morgan is one of only six in the World to ever complete the notoriously difficult 350 mile non-stop footrace '6633 Ultra' in the Arctic and the challenging Jungle Ultra Marathon in the Amazon Forest.

S4C's (Channel 4 Wales') cameras followed her adventures in the highly acclaimed Ras yn Erbyn Amser (Race Against Time) series, which Lowri also produced. Both series were awarded numerous awards including the highest accolade in the Celtic Media Festival and won Best Presenter and Best Documentary Series at the 2012 BAFTA Awards.

The first series saw Lowri completing the Jungle Marathon in the Amazon. In the heat and humidity of the jungle, out of the 150 top runners only 50 finished. She finished the race in the top ten in her first ever ultra marathon.

POP1 and S4C's camera's yet again followed Lowri's every step for the second series in the Arctic and saw her pushing her boundaries as she prepared for the 6633 ultra marathon - one of the toughest challenges on the planet. In the freezing Arctic setting, competitors were pushed to their physical and mental limits as they strived to complete the 350-mile endurance in only eight days and in -40 and 70mile per hour winds. Lowri Morgan was the sole survivor.

Known also as an Adventurer - sky-diving from planes, skiing some of the toughest mountains and scuba-diving in dangerous waters, Lowri is one of 80 in the World to have dived to see the wreck of the Titanic. She has produced and presented numerous programmes on the Titanic over the years.

June 2016 saw Lowri with four colleagues made up the first all-woman team to enter the arduous Three Peaks Challenge. They were dismissed until the third day when they made fellow competitors stand up and take notice. THEY WON! Lowri, once again, making her mark in the world of ultra athletics.

Following her achievements, she attended a private reception with the Queen for acknowledgement of services to adventure and exploration and was awarded a Honorary Fellowship and Master's Degree from Swansea University.

Lowri Morgan is an experienced TV presenter and broadcaster having worked in front of the screen for the last 15 years. She has travelled the world presenting the World Rally Championship (Ralio / S4C), with BBC Sport and is the presenter of ITV series - Helimeds. Recently she spent a month in the Namib desert living with Namibian tribes for a special documentary, due to be transmitted this year, for Discovery and S4C.

An accomplished musician and a music graduate, Lowri was a member of the National Youth Choir and Orchestra of Wales. She is also a self-confessed adrenaline junkie and has represented Wales on the rugby field, athletics, Cross Country and, despite a serious knee operation and being told she would not be able to run competitively again, has competed in numerous marathons worldwide and completed the illustrious Ironman Challenge.

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