Ruth Hambley



After working for many years at the BBC in Cardiff, both on air and off, Ruth took the plunge last year and set up her own interior design/decorating business. She had, for many years, been steadily building a reputation for her fantastic designs in both fashion and interiors. She was so much in demand that she knew she had to make the choice. Giving up her safe and exciting position with the BBC was something she thought long and hard about, knowing she would miss the excitement of live broadcasting.

Ruth, the daughter of a Baptist Minister, was always particularly keen on environmental issues but, motherhood made her even more aware of our 'carbon footprint' and the reality of climate change. More and more clients had been really interested in using the Eco-friendly products Ruth would promote. It was no accident, therefore, that when Ruth finally decided to leave the BBC and set up her business, it was on the premise that only the safest of products would be used. 'Pink Hat' was incepted in early 2006.

'Pink Hat' uses only natural decorating products and furnishings, thereby avoiding toxic fumes and asthma inducing allergens. To prove her point, during her demonstrations, Ruth will open a tin of paint and actually eat a spoonful – this is extremely effective at getting the attention of any audience.

'Eco-chic' is what Pink Hat set out to achieve; simple and stylish interiors with the emphasis on natural, reclaimed and sustainable materials. Ruth uses wooden flooring from sustainable timber sources; natural fabrics, dyed using organic pigments; low-energy lighting; reclaimed fixtures and fittings etc. No petrochemicals are present in the products she uses and she ensures that all the raw materials come from environmentally managed sources, produced using a sustainable ecological cycle.

Art was always Ruth's great love and she worked in a wide variety of utensils from soft pencil through to oil paint. At the age of 13 she sold her first piece of work to a TV set designer and from that time she had many pieces featured in newspapers. Even at that young age, her designs often graced the front of production programmes and other publications.

She left school at 16 to study art, printmaking and theatre studies. At this time she became highly creative with dressmaking and her lace and beaded bodice creations gained much acclaim.

On completing her studies she went to work for a local antique restoration firm where she learned to perfect the art of painting clock and watch dials, restoring very fine enamel jewellery and painting delicate scenes in enamel paint.

There followed a busy period during which Ruth juggled being a mother, reporting for the BBC and undertaking many building/restoration/interior design projects.

Ruth can hardly believe the success of 'Pink Hat' – there is a constant demand for her as an interior designer but also as a speaker on environmental issues. She never thought that she would actually end up with the best of both worlds – combining her love of interior design with appearing in public – and making a great success of both.

Ruth's hobbies include: horse riding; parachuting; walking; caving; climbing; rowing and running. Actively living the healthy lifestyle she promotes in body and mind.