Wynne Evans - Business Speaker

Wynne Evans is not only an opera singer and broadcaster but he has also been involved with one of the biggest advertising campaigns of all time. Wynne freely admits that before his involvement with GoCompare.com he didn't treat his own career as a brand but now things are different. Wynne says 'since I began my work with GoCompare I have had the opportunity to work closely with some of the biggest and brightest creative minds in the UK. I took a keen interest early on to understand how a business and its advertising has to evolve with its consumers, otherwise you take the risk of being left behind. It's been interesting to work with people in advertising to see how ruthless you have to be to make your mark so that your company comes top for brand recall, likeability and trust.' This is something Wynne has taken into his own brand 'Wynne Evans'.

Wynne feels that, in order to keep his turnover at the same level after the GoCompare success comes to an end, it is important that his brand should evolve whilst he was in the public eye. To this end, Wynne negotiated hard to sign a big record deals with Universal and Warner Brothers, finding the best deal possible in a market that's really feeling the pinch. Wynne also felt it was important to develop a new brand away from singing so he set about establishing a broadcasting career. As ever, this is another field he excelled in and to date has presented BBC network programmes, ITV network programmes and is currently recording the second series of his own show with S4C. Wynne Evans also has a regular show on Classic fm and BBC Radio Wales. In establishing his S4C programme, he first had to learn to speak Welsh! Wynne felt it was important that he went directly to the broadcaster and then chose his own production company, so that he had the security of working on his own terms.

Social media is also something that Wynne feels passionately about. He says 'I don't think at this point that we as business owners understand or know the value of social networking. No doubt it works better in some industries than others but we do know that it's a good way to engage with current and future possible clients. However big your business people like to feel they're getting a personal service and social networking allows you to do that'

Wynne Evans would give your event not only a fantastic insight into his business and how he has worked with some of the biggest brands in the UK, but also give you a highly entertaining and funny speech. Wynne is increasingly being recognised as one of the best public speakers in the country......you may even get a song.


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